ATHLETES * You need to make sure that as soon as you catch your breath and you have cooled down from your WOD, YOU HAVE SOME FORM OF PROTEIN & CARB to replenish your glycogen stores and give your muscles some fuel to rebuild.

Here’s the science…When it’s time for a workout, your physiology changes in such a way that you move into a state, not of glycogen storage, but of enhanced glycogen release. Your body accesses that stored fuel in order to meet the heightened energy demand.  Immediately after an intense workout, after glycogen stores have been depleted, production of the enzymes that convert glucose into glycogen is increased offering an ideal opportunity to replenish fuel supply. The enzyme levels only remain elevated for about 30-45 minutes.   This is the so called “window” of opportunity when we need to hit that recovery drink and deliver the fuel where it is needed.  So what is the best fuel?   Essentially your body needs four things following a hard workout:  Water, carbs, protein, and electrolytes (minerals).  Whey protein based recovery drinks have gained in popularity ,and has become one of the preferred recovery drinks in the CrossFit community because they deliver on all of these fronts.  Two/one scoop(s) of recovery powder in most of these formulas deliver a nice balance of carbs, protein and electrolytes and when mixed with water they are a potent dose of fuel for your body. The whey protein has been hydrolyzed and “cut” into tiny chains that can quickly hit your bloodstream and go to work.   As such, they also serve as an ideal bridge to get from the gym to your house where you can really sit down and refuel on a more substantial meal.   My suggestion is to use a convenient whey protein based product from a reputable source.  Try as many as you need to in order to find a flavor that you like.   Get yourself a few shaker bottles and start packing your shaker bottle in your bag.  You’ll find that the benefits of using a recovery drink–reduced soreness, shorter recovery times, increased gains in muscle–are actually legitimate claims and that they do in fact work.  Give it a shot and your body will thank you.

NOTE* If you don’t have protein/recovery drink yet. PLEASE talk to Scott or Kevin. They can give you more info. We also sell Stronger Faster Healthier, you may purchase some from Scott.


Courtesy ~ CrossFit Crown City