Monday’s WOD

Lurong Living Paleo Challenge WOD #2 Christine:

3 Rounds For Time:

500 Meter Row

12 Deadlifts

21 Box Jumps


  • Men’s Rx- 500 meter Row, 12  Bodyweight Deadlifts, 21 Box Jumps at 24”
  • Men’s Scaled- 500 meter Row,  12 Deadlifts at 1/2 body weight, 21 Box Jumps at 16”
  • Women’s Rx- 500 meter Row,  12 Bodyweight Deadlifts, 21 Box Jumps at 20”
  • Women’s Scaled- 500 meter  Row, 12 Deadlifts at 1/2 body weight, 21 Box Jumps at 12”
  • Movement Standards:
    • “Christine”  starts from the standing position and off the rower. The athlete must step onto  the rower quickly and start pulling for 500 Meters.
    • Both of  the athlete’s damper setting and foot settings/straps can be set prior to  starting the workout.
    • From there, the  athlete will move onto their loaded barbell for 12 Deadlifts.
    • For the Deadlift, each athlete must clearly demonstrate full hip extension by coming to a  full standing position on each rep. This includes the athlete’s knees and hips  coming to a lock out and straight arms at the top of each rep. Bouncing the barbell will not be allowed.
    • Next, the athlete will transition to 21  Box Jumps.
    • For the Box Jumps, the athlete must jump onto the box with two feet and come to a standing position with knees and hips locked out on top of the box. NOTE: Step ups are allowed for the Scaled version but not at the RX level.
    • This will continue for three total rounds.