Thursday’s WOD

Warm Up:

500 Meter Row

3 Rounds For Time:

50 yd Barbell Overhead Walk, 185/135 lbs,

25 yd Barbell Walking Lunge, 185/135 lbs,

50 yd Farmers Carry, 95/65 lbs,


Advance WOD

BB Gymnastics

5 attempts to establish a 1RM of the barbell complex:

1 Clean
3 Front Squats
1 Jerk
3 Back Squats
1 Behind the Neck Jerk

Notes: All reps must be completed unbroken. The bar may only rest in the front or back rack position. After completing the first Jerk, the bar should be lowered to the back rack to continue. The bar may be dropped from overhead after the final BtN Jerk. Rest as needed.


3 rounds for time of:

9 Muscle-Ups
7 Snatches (full squat) 185/120#

Notes: If max Snatch is below 215/140# then use 85%.