21 Days of Paleo

21 Days of Paleo starts tomorrow June 10th! If you need help, or direction on this please contact me on here, cell phone, email…whichever is easiest. Heather@CrossFitUncensored.com (951)445-3042

If you don’t have a cookbook, please pull recipes off of the CFU site. You can also find some great Paleo blogs that have an abundance of delicious recipes for you to pick from. I’m here to help. I will be writing tips on the website and sharing the links on CFU’s Facebook Group Page.

One thing I cannot push enough is eating whole eggs for breakfast. It has so many benefits, and it really does help with appetite control through the day. Add veggies to it, or leftovers! Whatever helps change it up daily!

If you are one trying for fat loss. Try to eliminate or at least limit bacon, fruits, and nuts. You will see better results by eliminating them though. No dairy on this challenge, no booze, no grains, no processed food, no sugar, no JUNK! It’s ONLY 21 days! So I don’t want to hear any complaining. Haha! Make sure you are eating REAL food! If you can’t get real protein as in FOOD in your body after your workout a shake will do. The reason for this is that food breaks down slower than shakes. Which will also benefit your fat loss goal. Take fish oils daily!! Fish oils help with inflammation, and fat loss goals. I promise if you stick to strict Paleo…you will see results. Let’s go!!