Paleo Treats

Paleo treats are not meant to be transition foods. They will not make it easier for you to switch to a Paleo lifestyle. They are not OK during your strict starting phase.

Although Paleo treats are technically Paleo because they use Paleo-friendly ingredients, they still usually contain processed carbohydrates in unnatural concentrations. Therefore, they are still prone to ending up on your buns and thighs. They are easier on the gut than the offenders they imitate, but they haven’t lost their ability to keep you squishy, especially if they contain vast quantities of honey and maple syrup, which the creators of these recipes/products think are fine because they are natural.

If you want topnotch results, you must completely divorce yourself from the foods that brought you to your currant state, at least long enough to break free of their hold on you. Thus, Paleo treats have no place when you’re a Paleo novice. Overcoming addiction is not about finding something that most closely mimics the thing you are addicted to; it it about forming new habits and moving on.

~Paleo Coach Jason Seib