Update Please Read!

Hi Athletes!

Please make a note of the class schedule this week:
Thursday July 4th – CLOSED
Friday July 5th – 8:30 AM Class ONLY
Saturday July 6th – 8:30 AM Class ONLY

Saturday class will remain 8:30 AM from now on!! 

Pardon the messy gym too, we are on the tail-end of completion with the firewalls. It has been very difficult to keep up on CFU while this major construction has been going on. Once they are finished the gym will be organized and moved around to make everything flow better. We have ordered our scanner cards, and will pry hand them out by August if not sooner. Pretty soon, everything will be back on track, and we can focus on adding more classes, and programs as we planned on doing. Thank you for your patience in all of this. We know it’s been a little chaotic.

Please make sure all your account information is correct in the system, cell phone, email, address, birthday…etc. We send out important messages (class changes, events, updates) via text and email. So if your information is incorrect you will not receive the messages. If you do not have access to the system, please contact Heather. Heather@CrossFitUncensored.com (951)445-3042.