Friday’s WOD

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On August 17th, 72 teams will gather at Cal Tech in Pasadena to compete in a Team CrossFit event comprised of 2 females (Missy Upton & Kayla Larkin) and 2 males (Bret Daeley & Kylie Medlin). This will be an all day event testing teams endurance, strength and mobility. At the end of the day they will crown the top three winners with cash prizes, shoes and much more. Throughout the day spectators will enjoy a multitude of vendors, prizes and an assortment of food trucks. Would love to have the support from our CFU Fam Bam there to cheer/support our peeps! More info will be posted once the event is closer!

Still waiting on the scanner cards to come in so that we can set up the online leader board! Will keep you all updated!

Heather is taking over all the accounts. Scott will only be signing up the new people. If you have questions or anything to do with the new system, please direct them to her. Email Cell 951-445-3042.

Hey Everyone it’s Heather. I want to give a little run down on the new system going in place. We will be handing out scanner key chains to each athlete. We will have a station set up that you will be swiping your card EACH time you WOD. If you forget or don’t have your key chain scanner, there will be a box that has a back-up card that is CFU’s you may use to swipe in with. We will have the trainer or an assistant checking that everyone has swiped in for that class.

We will be using this so we may keep track of your attendance better. We want you to all get the full benefit of being an athletes at CFU. So keeping track of this, will help us work on keeping you consistent at the gym and your goals. Also, I have taken the part of keeping track of everyone’s accounts. I apologize if it seems as I’m hounding you guys for information. This system has to be current AND up to date once it’s set up for all the athletes to use. Once you all start scanning in, if your monthly membership is due, your card declines, you owe for past months, your card information has changed or expired. You will get an screen alert, and it won’t let you scan in until we get it paid or updated. Scanning in will also be the only way you are able to log your result’s to the daily WOD. So every day/class you WOD with us, you must swipe in.

We are preparing for growth, and the old system that Scott had in place was not efficient in keeping track of all the athletes we have, especially with his busy schedule. I have taken it over due to that. From now on, if you need to put a hold, or drop on your account you must give me at least 10 day’s written notice by email so I may take care of it. If anyone has questions on this, please repy to this thread in the comment area below. Thank you for understanding, and being supportive as we go through the growing pains of become a larger gym. We are working on making this as simple as possible on everyone. In the end we just want to be able to spend more time focusing on our athletes and the goals at hand, not this stuff. 🙂


Heather Labeda

We are making a change to each class that will help the trainers use better time management with what we do during the class. Starting this week if you want to do the daily warm-up, please come 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. With this change, the time class is scheduled to start, mobility will start prompt followed by skill work, followed by the WOD. We are changing the structure so that we may start doing MORE skill work with all of you. If you have questions, please reply on this thread below. Thank you!

We now have free childcare at 5:30 PM for: Monday Tuesday & Thursday. For more details speak to Kristy Underdown or Scott Labeda.


Warm Up:

200 M Run

20 Sit-ups




5 Rounds For Time:

7 Muscle Ups

400 M Run


Advance WOD

Same As Above / No 6:30 PM Class