Friday’s WOD

Events & Updates:

There will be no 10AM Oly class this Saturday due to the Labeda Halloween Party. There is still a 8:30 CrossFit Class on Saturday!


BootCamp #131025:

10 Minute AMRAP:

20 Sit-ups

20 Flutter-kicks 

20 Leg Levers

20 Box Leg Raises

15 V Sit-ups

Tabata Work!

Tabata Mountain Climbers

Tabata Tuck Jumps

Tabata DB Step-ups (30/25 lbs)

Tabata Bench Dips


CrossFit #130914:


(3) 100 M Sprints

* 30 sec break in between each




Squat Clean/ Strength:


*Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets.


Advance #130605:


1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.

2) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean & Push Jerk.


3 rounds for time of:

5 Muscle-Ups
20 KB Snatch + OH Lunge 24/16kg (10L/10R) DEMO VIDEO
40 Double-Unders