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Paleo Challenge January 2014! We are currently working on a nutrition class to help get everyone under way with a better understanding of “How Paleo Works”.

Legendary Competitor Event coming up on February 8th, Saturday 2014. It is located at an indoor facility. You can sign up by rank.Links

Division I (advance)

Division II (intermediate)

Division III (beginner)

It is $90


Movement List to be released on 1/8/14

Movement Standards to be released on 1/8/14

Workout #1 to be released on 1/15/14

Workout #2 to be announced on 1/22/14

Workout #3 to be announced on 1/29/14

Link to register –


Cool inspirational Video! This guy is an active CrossFitter at 64 years old!! WHAT ARE YOUR EXCUSES?




3 Rounds, 1 min per station, of:

Kettlebell Swing, 1.5/1 pood Push-up

Air Squat

Ring Row


*Rest 1 min Perform this like “Fight Gone Bad,” by rotating immediately to the next station every 1 min, the clock does not stop or reset between stations.


CrossFit #131206-131207:


5 Minutes of trying to find your max Double-Under

Strength/ Clean:

15 Minutes to Find 1 Rep Max

5 Minute AMRAP:

3 Deadlifts, 275/195 lbs

7 Push Press, 115/80 lbs


Advance #130705:


*Recommendations for week three:

Do not add 15-25 pounds onto your lift in addition to the 10-20 from week 2. Instead add on extra weight to get a total of 15-25 pounds. If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, you may add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets, could not walk because you were so sore, and you cursed my name daily, then do not add weight.

Smolov 3/3 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 8X4 @ 80% – rest at least 2 minutes


3 rounds for time of:

25m Sled Drag (facing forward, i.e. running style) 135/90#
20 Burpees
25m Sled Drag (facing forward, i.e. running style) 135:90#
30 KB Snatch 24/16kg (15L/15R anyhow)