Monday’s WOD

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Everyone, please make sure you are scanning in. Trainer’s now have access to the daily attendance for the class, and will be checking it before mobility or after dynamics has been completed. If you are having issues with your scanner card or account…please text/ Heather directly. / (951) 445-3042.

CrossFit Games Open: REGISTERED ATHLETES, please post your WOD results by 4PM TODAY !!!!!

Open WOD’s are to be completed for registered athletes during these designated times only: Friday 5PM & 6PM/ Saturday at 10AM.

Children ARE NOT TO WANDER THE GYM/FLOOR. The only designated area is THE RINK. The store is off limits as well. Children are not to play on the gym equipment at ANY time.


Weekly YOGA!!! March 6th, Thursday @ 7PM. Lindsay will be instructing the class, working on flexibility issues, recovery, and so much more. We HIGHLY recommend utilizing this perk as a member with an unlimited CrossFit Membership or BootCamp Memberships can upgrade for $10 to add Yoga to your membership (please talk/call/ text/email/ Scott or Heather). See the Yoga tab for more information.

Track your WOD’s with Beyond The White-Board: You can sign-up directly with this great site for I believe $3 a month. Here is the direct link to CFU BTWB Site.  They also have an app for iPhones & Androids. 

8 Week Paleo Challenge 2014, 6 WEEKS IN!!!!  January 20th to March 17th. Keep working at it!


NLI Turf Wars 2:

Athletes Already Signed Up:

  1. Kevin L. – D2
  2. Bret D. – D2
  3. Edwin M. – D3
  4. Peter V. – D3
  5. Missy U. – D2
  6. Adriana O. – D3
  7. Vicki B. – D3
  8. April G. – D3
  9. Andrea J. – D3
  10. Heather L. – D3
  11. Joe B. – D3

About Event

The NLI is an athletic fitness competition series designed to test athletes in a wide range of physical fitness
categories. Athletes will have their cardiovascular, strength, power and endurance tested over the course of
this 1 day event. The main type of athletes who compete in the NLI are from CrossFit affiliates or gyms that
train very similar.

Athletes can be expected to component in the following exercise movements:
– Olympic weightlifting movements
– Powerlifting movements
– Basic gymnastic skills
– Running
– Jumping
– Throwing
Plus some random obstacle course style activates

The NLI has multiple divisions in which an athlete can enter based on skill/fitness level

Click here to register for this event:

Athletes & Trainers! We want & NEED your videos and pictures! Tag CrossFit Uncensored in any Instagram photo’s/Facebook. If your waiting on the sidelines for your class to start or you finished your WOD….take some cool pictures or shoot a short video! We want to share what you guys do in the box! Even if the pictures are out of the box, BUT relate to CrossFit or Paleo we want those too! Please email all videos for best quality directly to You can text or email pictures to Heather at (951) 445-3042 or the email posted above. We will use the pictures for our website, Facebook Page, and Instagram.

January 19th, Sunday 9AM will be our newly added CrossFit Class. Start your week off right! We now also have Open Gym – Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8-9AM,

BootCamp WOD:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps, for time of:

Handstand Push Up

Pistol (R+L=1)


CrossFit WOD:


2K Bike


7X1 Hang Snatch from just above knee – work to a max for the day, rest 90 sec.


10 rounds for time of:

7 C2B Pullups
7 Thrusters 95/65#


Advance WOD:


1) 7X1 Snatch from blocks (just above knee) – work to a max for the day, rest 90 sec.

*14.1 Repeaters: Complete #1 and nothing else before your attempt. If you have time (or anything left), you may do the rest of the work for the day after finishing – preferably with a solid amount of rest.

2A) 3X3 Snatch Grip BTN Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
2B) 3X3 Snatch 1st Pull (3 count pause at knee) – 110-120% while maintaining consistent torso angle, rest 90 sec.


1a) 3X60 (seconds) Freestanding HS Hold – rest 90 sec.
1b) 3X20 (steps) Overhead Walking Lunges – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


10 rounds for time of:

7 C2B Pullups
7 Thrusters 95/65#