Wednesday’s WOD

Alright athletes! Beginning this Wednesday at 4pm (Bootcamp) we will have several heats that you all can participate in for your WOD’s…once you have completed the WOD, we welcome you to belly up for some great BBQ food afterwards! We will be doing this each Wednesday in August! (4-8pm)

“Hump Day Party”
Step 1 Select Heat Time
Step 2 Do warm up on whiteboard, be ready for your heat time (5-6 athletes will go at a time, complete the WOD & we will start the next heat)
Step 3 Do workout and record time
Step 4 Grab a cool beverage and do a few minutes of stretching, stick around for some great BBQ with our CFU family and hang out on a beautiful summer evening!

Wednesday Hump Day Pic

Warm-up (all classes):

1 Mile Run

BootCamp WOD/CrossFit WOD:


21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

Thruster 95/65# – Kettlebell Swing (bootcamp) 73/53#



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