Tuesday’s WOD

Warm-up: (all classes get there 10 minutes before class):

Max Effort Double Unders



Skill Work:

Burgner Warm-up & Rope Climb Skill


15 Minute AMRAP:

5 Burpees

1 Rope Climb (advance legless)

30 Double-unders



Bring Sally Up/As Many Reps:

Back Squat 135/95#

Intermediate –

Back Squat 95/65#

Beginner –

Coach’s will scale you to your athletic ability


*CHALLENGE: to the song “Bring Sally Up” by Moby w/ a 135# barbell on back. Squat on “Bring Sally Down” Stand on “Bring Sally Up” All this amounts to 30 reps in 3:30 without rest at the top.

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