Wednesday’s WOD April 22nd

Melissa’s Ride For Hope! Car Wash Fundraiser hosted by CrossFit Uncensored.


Date: April 25th, Saturday (GYM CLOSED)

Location: Lake Elsinore Home Depot 



Volunteers Signed-up:

Scott Labeda 

Heather Labeda 

Sean McKinnon 

Kylie Medlin 

Joe Burton

Taylor Roberts


Marc Ambles

Leslie Copeland

Lindsay Showalter

Shelly Labeda

Jordan Brand

Rico Sandoval

Jeremy Garcia

Christina Ross

We are hosting a Car Wash to help raise money for Melissa Martin. She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December 2014. She is currently getting aggressive chemo treatments at City of Hope. You may see her husband my (Heather Labeda) Uncle John in the box from time to time. He’s actually a HUGE part of the building and piecing together of CrossFit Uncensored. Besides building alot of equipment we use daily (box’s, jerk boxes, the huge racks with the rings hanging….so much more. He did all the footwork to get us our permits to do business in the City of Lake Elsinore. We are in a place that it’s time to step up and give back to a man that is in need of help to support his wife’s City of Hope treatments.

We will need Volunteers for this Fundraiser. We will be shutting the gym down April 25th, Saturday to spend the time to put heart into helping Melissa. There will be more information on location and time. There will be a sign-up on the Whiteboard to volunteer. We are asking that everyone tries to participate if possible. Once we get graphics created we will start sharing on social media site, please help us spread the word virally. Thank you Everyone! Please keep Melissa in your prayers. #melissasRIDEforHOPE

NOTE: All workouts are scaled and progressions put in place to your specific athletic ability. 

Warm-up: (all classes get there 10 minutes before class):

2 Rounds:

50 Double Unders

*rest 2 minso


Partner WOD
3 rounds for each person or 6 rounds total:
Partner 1 – Runs 400 M
Partner 2 – AMRAP of:
10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
25 Wall balls (20/14)

*  Partner on run takes off where other partner left off on the AMRAP


Strength & Skill:

1a) 5X3 Paused Front Squat

(3 count pause in rock bottom) – work to max triple, rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X10 Ring Dips –

if 10 reps UB are too easy add weight, rest 90 sec.


NLI Floater / 3 Minute  AMRAP:

5 Tire Flips

5 Ground to Shoulder (185/115) M53+ (155/115)

4 Tire Flips

4 Ground to Shoulder (225/135) M53+ (185/135)

3 Tire Flips

3 Ground to Shoulder (275/155) M53+ (225/155)

TIEBREAKER: Continue ground to shoulder until time expires

Core Work:

3 rounds (stop counting if you break!):

30 second Paralette L-sit hold

30 second superman hold

30 second hip taps in plank position (on elbows, alternate touching each side of hip on floor)