Wednesday’s WOD Aug. 19

Wednesday’s WOD Aug. 19

Skill Work:
Handstand Push-ups
*ten minutes to work on.

15-10-6 reps for time of:
thrusters 165/115#

15-10-6 reps for time of:
thrusters 125/90#
bar muscle ups /chest to bar pull-ups

15-10-6 reps for time of:
thrusters 115/80#
jumping bar muscle-ups

* The weight is reduced to challenge the athlete to do each set of thrusters without putting the bar down. To execute a jumping bar muscle-up, place a box underneath a pull-up bar (a kids pull-up bar will work well also). It should be high enough so that when the jump is executed, the bar will be below the sternum. Start hanging below, knees bend and jump until the bar comes into contact with the chest, lean forward so that a dip position on the bar is achieved. Press the arms straight to complete the rep. Return the upper body to the dip position then push the body back down to the box. The knees will bend so the legs can assist each rep.

15-10-6 reps for time of:
thrusters 95/65#
box transitions

* Choose a weight that allows for at least 8 consecutive reps of the first set of thrusters. Keep the elbows high during the front squat portion of the thrusters so as not to come into contact with the knees. Accelerate out of the squat to create momentum on the barbell. The box transitions are performed on the ground from a box. During the setup, place the hands on a box while kneeling in front of it. Pull the upper body to a dip position on the box and then press the arms straight. This is one rep. Return to the floor to begin the next rep. If this is too difficult, place the feet directly under the hips.