Friday’s WOD Oct. 2nd

Day Five (SPRINT/ sub 5 minutes on WOD)

Warm-up: 0:00 – 5:00

The Pizza Game (start clock 3 minutes): Give every athlete an ab-mat and have them hold it overhead (no gripping it) like a pizza. Then on your yell of “Go!” everyone can begin running around and trying to knock over everyone else’s pizzas. You can use a 5 push-ups. They can pick up the pizza and get back in the game.

Mobility & Dynamics: 5:00 – 20:00

Trainers standard

Squat Therapy (like yesterday)

Skill Work: 20:00 – 30:00

(use empty barbells)

Overhead squat hold at bottom position – 10 x 3 seconds perfect hold


Trainers: go over proper form, and get athletes dialed in on form & mechanics on each movement. Scale down if needed. WOD should be a SPRINT.


WOD 30:00-45:00:


2 rounds for time:

10 overhead squat, 165/115 lbs.

2 legless rope climbs

20 deadlifts, 165/115 lbs.



2 rounds for time:

10 overhead squat, 135/95 lbs.

2 rope climbs

20 deadlifts, 135/95 lbs.



2 rounds for time:

10 overhead squat, 95/65 lbs.

2  rope climbs/ 6 progressions

20 deadlifts, 95/65 lbs.



2 rounds for time:

8 overhead squat, 65/35 lbs.

4 rope climb progressions

15 deadlifts, 65/45 lbs.