Monday October 19th – WOD

Day One

Warm-up(M) :

5 AM

Row 400 x1

then Bike .6 x1

Other classes:

Mountain Run x 2



Mobility & Dynamics:

Burgener Warm-up (pvc)

Mechanics/ Form Weightlifting:

Snatch Balance – Helps if: you’re slow under the bar, have balance issues in the catch position, you’re uncomfortable under heavy weight.

Execution of a Snatch Balance – 

Start standing with the barbell behind your neck with a snatch-width grip and your feet in the pulling position. Bend the knees smoothly, maintaining balance and an upright torso, then push with the legs against the floor to create some upward momentum on the bar. Pick up your feet and replace them flat on the floor in your squat stance as you push aggressively against the bar to move yourself down into an overhead squat position. Lock your elbows and secure the bar in the overhead position in as low of a squat as you can without being rock-bottom—absorb the downward force of the bar by continuing to sit the rest of the way into the squat smoothly. Making sure the bar is stable and secure overhead, stand again, keeping the bar overhead. The goal is to elevate the barbell as little as possible from its starting point on the shoulders and to move the body down under it as quickly as possible.


WOD Demo/ Mechanics/ Skill:  VIDEO HERE

Strength Heavy:

(from the rack)

Snatch balance 3-3-3-3-3 reps


Kettlebell two handed high pull – VIDEO HERE

Spiderman plank – VIDEO HERE