Fridays WOD – November 6th


Mobility & Dynamics(0:00 to 17:00):

Trainers Standard

Warm-up (17:00 to 30:00):

Cooperative Dodgeball:

No eliminations. Two equal teams take either side of the gym, with a center line separating them. Three to four balls are placed along this center line. At a given signal, players run to retrieve the balls, and play begins. To get a player “out,” you hit them below the shoulders with the ball, or catch a ball that they have thrown. Once a player is “out,” however, he/she joins the opposing team, and is now a member of that team. Players can block throws by deflecting with a ball in their hands, but if a player from the opposite team catches the rebounding ball before it bounces, the throw still counts as an out. Any ball hitting multiple players, without ever touching the ground, sends all of those players to the opposing team. If a player is hit but his/her teammate catches the ball before it hits the ground, the thrower is then forced to change teams, and the player who was hit remains. Any ball touching the ground or a wall is considered dead and can be put back into play. Play ends when all players have been brought onto one side of the gym.

Skill Work (30:00 to 40:00):

Handstand Push-ups

WOD Demo/ Mechanics/ Skill(40:00 to 42:00):

Go over whiteboard, partners, categories, set-up, and demonstrations of movements, and progressions.

WOD(MODERATE/W) (42:00 to 60:00)::


15 Minute AMRAP:

400 M Run

250 M Row/ Bike.5



15 Minute AMRAP:

200 M Run

100 M Row/ Bike.5