Monday’s WOD


Don’t forget this Friday December 4th at 6pm is our Crossfit Uncensored Christmas Party and Friday Night Lights.

  • Food will be available for purchase $7 per plate made by our very own Coach Peter
  • Beer and wine will be provided for adults.  
  • $25 White Elephant gift exchange  
  • Jumper for the kids.  
  • Kids gift exchange.
  • Sign up on the white board if you’re be coming and how many in your party. (WE WILL NEED A HEAD COUNT)

We are looking forward to seeing you all Friday night!

Warm-up (class together):

Hungry, Hungry Hippo Object To “eat” the most medicine balls as a team. Equipment Medicine balls of varying sizes and weights.

Mobility & Dynamics:

Trainers Standard

Lifting Mechanics & Form:

Squat Therapy:

Squat therapy (by CrossFit Invictus):

1 x 6 Russian Baby Makers

1 x 6 Hawaiian Squats

1 x 6 Rack Assisted Squat Therapy

Russian Baby Makers VIDEO HERE

This is just one of many names given to this drill. This is a great drill to warm up your hamstrings and hips. As you reach your hips up high, drive your chest to your thighs, keeping your hands on your toes. Then actively pull your hips down to the bottom of the squat, lifting your chest up high and driving your knees out with your elbows. As you progress in your reps you should be able get lower and lower.

Hawaiian Squats VIDEO HERE

Post yourself up by a rack. Get into a figure four position and pull yourself down as low as possible, without rounding the back. You should feel a stretch through your piriformis. Keep your chest up while you lower, focusing on proper squat mechanics. As you progress in your reps you should be able to get lower and lower.

Rack Assisted Squat Therapy VIDEO HERE

This is a great drill to work on good positioning in your squat. Position yourself as close to a rack as possible. Your arms should be overhead and, with a tight midline, pull yourself to the bottom of your squat. You can hold onto the rack as you descend, keeping your hands in one place. If you have the stability to do so, remove your hands from the rack, keeping as vertical a torso as possible.

Front Squats (from the ground)

10 X (class together/trainer will cue)

Your shoulders must rack the bar across your front deltoids so that your triceps are parallel to the floor.

WOD Demo/ Mechanics/ Skill WOD:

Trainer will breakdown the different CAT’s and progressions.


20 Minute AMRAP:

400 M Run

10 Front Squats 185/135# (from the ground)

20 GHD Sit-ups



20 Minute AMRAP:

400 M Run

10 Front Squats 155/115# (from the ground)

20 GHD Sit-ups



20 Minute AMRAP:

400 M Run

10 Front Squats 115/75# (from the ground)

20 Ab-mat Sit-up



20 Minute AMRAP:

400 M Run

10 Front Squats 75/45# (from the ground)

20 GHD  Ab-mat Sit-ups