Thursday’s WOD – February 11th

Feb 11th
DAY FOUR/ Thursday’s WOD:
Row 500m
Foam roll back and legs 2 minutes

Mobility & Dynamics:
Trainers Standard

Thoracic barbell Stretch
4 x 10 sec hold

Skill Work:
Burgener Warm-up:
x3 Dip
x3 Dip Shrug
x3 Dip Shrug High-pull
x3 Dip Shrug High-pull Muscle Snatch
x3 Overhead Squat
x3 Snatch Balance 4 inch drop
x3 Snatch Balance parallel
x3 Snatch Balance (all the way down)
x3 Full Snatch (take off position/ barbell to shins)
x3 Full Snatch (above the knees)
x3 Sotts Press
Advance – light weight /unloaded bar
Intermediate/ Beginner – pvc pipe

Barbell Work:
EMOM 10-minute Snatches:

2 position power snatch – floor and mid hang.

EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Snatches (full) @ 80%

Then, when the clock hits 5:00-

2 minute AMRAP of:

Snatches (full) @ 80%

*This is the Outlaw Snatch efficiency baseline. Score is total reps completed in 7 minutes. There are only 2 attempts allowed during the EMOM portion. The goal is to test consistency of technique and repeatability under load. Records are 20 for 20 (total of EMOM and AMRAP) @ 225/155#.

C1 – 225/155#
C2 – 195/135#
C3 – 95/65#
C4 – 45/33#

Cool-down (if time):
Trainers choice