Thursday’s WOD


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Mobility & Dynamics

Trainers Standard


Reverse Plank (No Measure)

10 sec hold x 4
Start seated with palms flat on the ground beside you. Push your butt off the floor, and walk your feet forward. All the while keeping your hands palm down secure on the floor. Feel this stretch deep in your shoulders.

Thoracic Barbell Stretch (No Measure)

20 sec hold x 4
Lay on your stomach with your legs together, knees straight and toes pointed. Arms are shoulder width apart holding onto a barbell above you. Actively push down on your shoulders concentrating on getting your armpits to the ground below you. You’ll have to experiment with the appropriate barbell height.

Hawaiian Squat Stretch (No Measure)

5 sec hold x 3 each leg
Grab a rack for support, Pull your foot and have it resting on the opposite thigh. Pull yourself down as low as possible, without rounding the back. You should feel a stretch through your piriformis. Keep your chest up while you lower, focusing on proper squat mechanics. As you progress in your reps you should be able to get lower and lower.

Pigeon Pose (No Measure)

2 x 20 sec each leg
*Stretches the thighs, groin, back and psoas. Pigeon can be helpful for those who hold tension in their lower body.


Active Rest

Metcon (No Measure)

2000 M Row

2 Mile Bike

*If you are doing the Open, go EASY. If you ARE NOT doing the Open, go HARD.

Cool-down (if time):

Foamrolling (No Measure)

Roll it out!!!
Ask a trainer for some tips!