Monday’s WOD


OPEN 16.1 Make-UP or DO OVER
8AM Open Gym
9AM CrossFit Class

Come in! We will judge you, just get warmed up on your own in a timely manner.

Please update your payment information. ANY 6 or 12 month “monthly” contracts must input checking /routing info ONLY. If you have questions, please speak to Heather.

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


W10/ 2 Miles Assault Bike (No Measure)

Skill Work

2 Minute AMRAP: (AMRAP – Reps)



*those that do not have a solid technique STILL ATTEMPT dubz even if you only get one rep in two minutes.



Weightlifting Form

Front Squat Fundamentals (No Measure)

Step 1: Set-up

Start with the loaded (or empty) barbell on a squat rack. Make sure that the bar is racked about an inch or two below the clavicles while in a full standing position.

Step 2: Hand position

Choose a hand position on the barbell close to or mirroring the grip you use for a press or a clean. Do not fully grip the bar, but rather just hook the fingers around the bar.

Step 3: Placement

Meet the bar and place it above the clavicles while rotating your elbows upward to create as much of a horizontal angle with your arms. This creates the “shelf” across the clavicles and anterior deltoids. (This is similar to the front rack receiving position for a clean or power clean.)

Step 4: Un-rack

take a deep breath, tighten that midsection, and un-rack that bar with the same aggression and intensity you plan on putting into the set.

Step 5: Stance

After un-racking, stay tight and position your feet about shoulder-width apart (adjust to comfort), point your toes 30-45 degrees outward (aligned with knee direction), and pull the hips back slightly to place majority of the resistance onto the heels.

Step 6: Breath

Take a deep breath and focus a majority of the pressure to the abdominal area to stabilize the entire torso and spine. Hold your breath through the descent and stand — Steps 7 and 8, respectively — of the front squat to maintain midline stability.

Step 7: Descent

Begin lowering yourself into the bottom position (“the hole”), which requires the crease of the hip to fall below the knees, while remembering these cues:

Chest up;

Sit back;

Knees out; and

Elbows straightforward/high.

Step 8: Stand up

Once you’ve reached the bottom position, drive through the heels while exhaling to stand back up while remembering these cues:

Chest up;

Drive through the heels;

Keep the elbows straightforward/high; andKeep the knees out.
Class together with unloaded bar –

5 X Front Squats

*3 second pause at the bottom. Drive hard in your heels coming out of the hole.


Front Squat (5-5-5-5-5)

*Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed.

Cool-down (if time)

GHD Situps (30)