Saturday’s WOD


Please make sure your payment information has been updated or the system will not allow you to login. If you are still unable to login because you never recieved an email, please text heather your email address. (951) 445-3042 or email . This week we will be getting the retail store set up. We will no longer be accepting cash for anything in the store. Beverages can be purchased for cash. That’s all. Once you take something from the store. It will be purchased then and there. Thank your patience as we work on making our gym more structured and organized to better give back to you (our community).

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit



Cool-down (if time)

W11: Musical Medballs (No Measure)

Musical chairs but with medicine balls instead! Trainer will make everyone travel around by frog hopping, duck walking or shouting out whatever movement they like as the music plays! When it stops you sit! Athletes out grab a PVC and stretch out.