Tuesday’s WOD


Those that recieved emails/texts please put your payment information in the system. Wednesday is the deadline. I will be writing names that havent put payment information in up on the whiteboard as a reminder. Trainers can help you put payment information in at the gym if you need help. Also, we will be switching over to a reservation system to help us know if we need to overlap coaches in the larger classes. We will give it a few weeks before we tighten it down and become more strict on athletes reserving a spot in the class they want. So start using your Wodify App now to sign-in to class. It will help you get used to doing it in the near future. Anybody having trouble with your accouont, please reach out to Heather. Email – Heather@CrossFitUncensored.com / Cell – (951) 445-3042

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W10: 2 Miles Assault Bike (No Measure)

Weightlifting Form

Med Ball Power Clean Drills (No Measure)

4 X Underhand Backwards Medball Throw (class together)

Grab a medball you would use during a WOD. Watch the video for a better understanding. Class together will throw the ball underhand backward toward the “ropes”. This drill helps with muted hips by violently extending the hip.

5 X Hips Through & Hips Back (class together)

Starting point holding the wallball in the hang with tight butt. Drop to catch (front rack) position driving hips back.

The next piece is the hip—now that it’s open—must go back to create that catch position and you can stand up and finish the lift.

With med balls in hand at waist level, athletes simply push the hips back to drop into a very shallow squat while rotating the hands around the ball.

What I want you to feel is the hip going from tight butt to butt back.



Metcon (Time)


For time:

1 round of:

30 hang power cleans, 115-lb./75-lb.

15 ring dips

3 rope climb

Then, 2 rounds of:

20 hang power cleans, 115-lb./75-lb.*

10 ring dips

2 rope climb,

Then, 3 rounds of:

10 hang power cleans, 115-lb./75-lb.

5 ring dips

1 rope climb


For time:

1 round of:

30 hang power cleans 95-lb./65-lb.

15 ring dips (band okay)

3 rope climbs, / 6 rope jump and lock in feet

Then, 2 rounds of:

20 hang power cleans, 95-lb./65-lb.

10 ring dips (band okay)

2 rope climbs, /4 rope jump and lock in feet

Then, 3 rounds of:

10 hang power cleans, 95-lb./65-lb.

5 ring dips (band okay)

1 rope climbs,/2 rope jump and lock in feet

The load has been decreased to keep the intensity high. The hang power cleans are intended to be done with minimal rest and sets. During the ring dips, ensure the elbow is below the shoulder at the bottom and the arms are fully extended at the top. Watch “Rope-climbing Techniques with Chris Spealler and Matt Chan”



For time:

1 round of:

30 hang power cleans, 65-lb./45-lb.

15 banded bar dips

3 Lay to stand rope climbs,

1 round of:

20 hang power cleans, 65-lb./45-lb.

10 banded bar dips

2 Lay to stand rope climbs,

1 round of:

10 hang power cleans, 65-lb./45-lb.

5 banded bar dips

1 Lay to stand rope climbs,

The rounds are reduced to keep the beginner moving. The hang power cleans should be completed in two sets or less. If this cannot be accomplished at the listed loads, reduce the load. During the cleans, achieve full hip extension by squeezing the glutes. Receive the bar in a partial front squat with the elbows high. Select a band for the dips that allows you to complete them in three sets or less each round. For the lay to stand rope climb, lay on your back on the floor under a rope. Grab the rope with both hands and use your legs as much as necessary to climb hand over hand to a standing position.

Cool-down (if time)

2 Mountain Runs (No Measure)

Have fun! If you are in a class with daylight limitations, Bike or Row 1000 Meters.