Wednesday’s WOD


Those that recieved emails/texts please put your payment information in the system. Wednesday is the deadline. I will be writing names that havent put payment information in up on the whiteboard as a reminder. Trainers can help you put payment information in at the gym if you need help. Also, we will be switching over to a reservation system to help us know if we need to overlap coaches in the larger classes. We will give it a few weeks before we tighten it down and become more strict on athletes reserving a spot in the class they want. So start using your Wodify App now to sign-in to class. It will help you get used to doing it in the near future. Anybody having trouble with your accouont, please reach out to Heather. Email – / Cell – (951) 445-3042

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


W5: 3 Rounds *20 Second Stations (No Measure)

Jumping Jacks

PVC Overhead Squats

Arm Forward Jumping Jacks

Mobility & Dynamics

Trainers Standard (No Measure)

Mobility & dynamic stretches. Takes anywhere from 15-21 minutes.
******Spend a little extra time on calf stretches*****


Metcon (Time)

Run 1,600 meters

Rest 3 minutes

Run 1,200 meters

Rest 2 minutes

Run 800 meters

Rest 1 minute

Run 400 meters
1,600 M –

The mile marker is out to the street to the left. The telephone pole after the yellow curve sign that’s on the right side of the road. Hit that come back in the bay doors.

1,200 M –

Out the bay door, down to the street to the left, past the sidewalk run to the drain that goes under the road. Turn around and back up to the bay doors. then do a normal 400 M.

800 M –

Out the bay door down the street to the left, past the sidewalk, to the drin that goes under the road. Turn around and back to the bay door.

400 M – Normal to right before the driveway ends, back to the bay doors.

*daylight restrictions, Use the normal 400 M to chip away at this WOD, or you have the option or rowing.


R1: Foam Roll For Running (Calves, Hips, ITB) (No Measure)