Thursday’s WOD

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


W12: 2 rounds med-ball partner toss (No Measure)

5 Overhand

5 Underhand

5 Left side

5 Right Side

5 Front Squat

*should be a good distance between you and your partner.


Clean and Jerk (5-5-5-5-5)

*Find a heavy 5 rep max.

HOOK GRIP!! The hook grip is a unique method of holding the barbell, proven to give you the strongest grip possible. With it, you apply more torque to the bar. No serious weightlifter lifts the bar without it. To hook grip, wrap your fingers around the barbell with your thumb underneath your other fingers as much as possible. You may only be able to get your index finger to slightly overlap your thumb, that’s ok. Use a hook grip no matter what. In a sense, you are locking your thumb into the bar much like wearing straps. Yes, there’s an adjustment phase, lasting normally 3-5 days, where your thumb may be a bit sore. Not to mention the overall feel of the grip seeming unnatural. But hey, I bet the back of your neck hurt when you first learned to back squat. You will get over this too. I promise!

Some athletes have smaller hands. Olympic weightlifters use barbells with smaller diameters for women. A woman’s bar is thinner, shorter in length and weighs 15kg (33lbs), making the hook grip possible. The hook grip is a must for any pulling movement. Pulls, Snatch and Clean movements all require the hook grip. Once the bar is overhead or at your shoulders in preparation for the Jerk, you can release the hook grip if you choose.

The only exception to not use the hook grip is during a WOD with high reps of Snatch or Clean, as in “Grace” or “Isabel”, calling for 30 reps for time. It may be challenging to maintain your grip with the rapid change of direction on the bar. In this case, it’s all forearm; tap and go. Your lifts will be better with a hook grip but your time may be slower. It’s your choice. The hook grip is most useful on heavy training, maximal effort and intervals of low repetition or where there are a few seconds between reps and you can reset your body for another effort.

Accessory Work

*To be done in between weightlifting sets.

AW1: Sled Push Low Handles (2-2-2-2-2)

Push sled low handles there 100 ft. and back 100 ft. There is one rep. Back is one rep = two reps.

*should be heavy and HARD!

After Party

AP13: partner medball sit-ups (No Measure)

30 each partner, total of 60 together.

*use a ab-mat, so a regular sit-up taking the medball behind your head. When you come up throw the ball across to your partner.