Tuesday’s WOD

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


W8: 6 minute AMRAP (No Measure)

Have your athletes break up into partners. Partner 1 is stationed on one side of the gym and partner 2 is on the opposite side. The clock begins on your count and partner 1 does 6 abmat sit-ups as quickly as possible while partner 2 holds a plank. Partner 2 is only allowed to come out of plank once they are tagged by partner 1 who has to run all the way across the gym upon completion of the sit-ups to tag in their partner.

Mobility & Dynamics

Trainers Standard (No Measure)

Mobility & dynamic stretches. Takes anywhere from 15-21 minutes.


Warm-up (No Measure)


*Focus on stretching and opening up the shoulders.

Angie (Time)


100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 ab-mat sit ups

100 air squats

*Perform all the reps of the movement before you move on to the next one.


For time:

75 pull ups (use band if needed)

75 push ups (from knees if needed)

75 ab-mat sit ups

75 air squats


For time:

30 pull ups (use band if needed)

30 push ups (from knees if needed)

30 ab-mat sit ups

30 air squats

*C4 can be scaled further at the trainers discretion. Newer athletes of two weeks or less may need to be scaled more, depending on athletic ability.
*********30 Minute Time Cap**********

After Party

Coaches Choice (No Measure)

Whatever they come up with…you do! Yay!