Week Four / Day Eleven


Athletes are now required to RSVP for a class ahead of time. It is set with loose restrictions until we get everyone up to speed. We will give it two week, then it will tighten up with the time you have to RSVP, as well as cancel a class you RSVP’d for. We are doing this so we can put extra coaches in place if the class is too large. We will not putting a limit on how many athletes can be in a class. We want to make sure our classes are structured appropriately to the athlete trainer ratio. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

CrossFit Uncensored – 6 Week Challenge


W8: 6 minute AMRAP (No Measure)

Have your athletes break up into partners. Partner 1 is stationed on one side of the gym and partner 2 is on the opposite side. The clock begins on your count and partner 1 does 6 abmat sit-ups as quickly as possible while partner 2 holds a plank. Partner 2 is only allowed to come out of plank once they are tagged by partner 1 who has to run all the way across the gym upon completion of the sit-ups to tag in their partner.

Skill Work

Demo (No Measure)

Push Jerk

Trainer Reference:


Split Jerk:

Trainer Reference:



Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds:

4 Jerks #45

6 Box Jumps/ Step-ups 20inch

8 Hollow Rock back & forth= 1 rep

250 M Row or .5 Bike