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Friday’s WOD

CrossFit Uncensored - CrossFitWarm-up ()Skill WorkRope climbs Drill (No Measure)Take about 12-15 min to help work on technique with rope climbs. Really focus on getting members to understand how to clinch the rope with their feet. Go over progressions.D12: 8 Minute EMOM (No Measure)C1 1 legless rope climbs C2 1 rope climbs C3 4 foot lock-ins C4 3 progression rope climbsMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds)C1 8 min AMRAP 5 cal bike/row 10 wall balls 25/20 10ft 5 V Sit-ups 10 supermans C2 5 cal bike/row 10 wall balls 25/20 9ft 5 V Sit-ups 10 supermans C3 5 cal bike/row 10 wall

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Week One/ Day Three

CrossFit Uncensored - 6 Week ChallengeWarm-upBefore Warm-up make sure everyone waivers are completed. Anyone having issues getting into WODIFY or not receive an email on the Facebook Group Page? Any questions regarding Paleo?Skill WorkMD3: Skill Work (No Measure)Box Jumps Trainer Reference- https://youtu.be/98bkWnAVbV8 Burpees Trainer Reference- https://youtu.be/TU8QYVW0gDU Jump Rope (singles) Trainer Reference- https://youtu.be/8K4KCOHLLJU (doubles) trainer will breakdownWODW1D3: 10 Minute (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)5 Box Jumps/Step-ups 5 Burpees 20 Jump Rope Singles

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