Monday’s WOD/ May 2nd

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


W24: 3 Rounds of: (No Measure)

:20 Static or Rocking Hollow Hold

10 Reverse Lunges (optional to add a little load with DBs or Plate)

3-5 Push-ups


C5: Squat Therapy (No Measure)

6 Russian Baby Makers

6 Hawaiian Squats

6 Rack Assisted Squats
Once that done, grab a bar and set up the rig. Trainer will put the class through 3 second holds at the bottom of your squat with an unloaded barbell or light weight. X3


Back Squat (1 x 5)

20 Minutes on a running clock to achieve. Once you have found your 5RM. Grab your phone and put it into Wodify.

Warm-up to a working set which should be about 85% your 5RM.

Find your HEAVY 5RM.

C4: Trainer will be working on form & technique before adding weight. FORM ALWAYS BEFORE WEIGHT.

Skill Work


Skill work on Pull-ups/ Butterfly Pull-ups. Trainer will break down the movement for those new at kipping pull-ups.

Strict Pull-up Demo:

Kipping Pull-up Demo:


Trainer Reference:

Tips for Kipping Pull-ups

Trainer Reference:

Tips for Butterfly Pull-ups

Pull-ups (8 x Max Effort in a minute)

EMOM x 8 Minutes

If you have been stuck on a progression longer than 6 months. Your STUCK. Let your trainer COACH you to move on for that progression.

C1: Find Your Max Rep on Butterfly Pull-ups

C2:4 Butterfly Pull-ups *attempt to string together

C3:4 Kipping Pull-ups (no bands/ attempt to string together)

C4: *whichever progression you normally do, attempt to move up.

If you are new to this movement. This is a great opportunity to find your weakness and have the trainer show you the best way to improve to get to the next progression.

After Party

If there is time.

400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run