Thursday’s WOD/ May 5th

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


W2: Partner Med Ball (No Measure)

200 M Medball Run

10 reps of:

MB Burpees

MB Sit-ups

MB Front Squats


200 M Medball Run

*Partner’s run together, but only one runs with the ball. Completes a burpee then throw the ball to your partner B. Partner B completes a burpee then throws back to partner A. Keep going till you complete each rep for each movement. Partners finish last run tgether, but partner that didn’t run with the ball the first time, runs with the ball.


Metcon (Time)

TIME CAP: 30 Mins****


6 Rounds For Time of:

Run, 400 M

20 Burpees

*wear a mask or weighted vest


6 Rounds For Time of:

Run, 400 M

20 Burpees

C3: N/A You’ve got this.


6 Rounds For Time of:

Run, 200 M

10 Burpees


Foamrolling (No Measure)

Roll it out!!!
Cheer on athletes still working while you roll out!!