Wednesday’s WOD


We are CLOSED on Memorial Day (Monday, May 30th, 2016). Please RSVP on the whiteboard in the gym if you want to come out to Road Runner Park this Sunday. Volley Ball, BBQing, Corn Hole, Beer Pong…..Fun! Bring the family!

CrossFit Uncensored – CrossFit


R3: 800 M Run (No Measure)


C4: Wrist Connectivity (No Measure)

Work a little extra on these wrist drills. Trainers click here:

C5: Squat Therapy (No Measure)

6 Russian Baby Makers

6 Hawaiian Squats

6 Rack Assisted Squats


Front Squat (1×1)

***20 minutes to find one rep max.


5 x 5 Work on mechanics and form. Let the coach tell you if you can move up. Form before weight is added….ALWAYS.

LOG RESULTS!!! This is especially important for ANY lifts. Trainers make sure your athletes are logging this information.

Accessory Work

Handstand Push-up Drill (No Measure)

*Help athletes understand hand placement. Hands should be placed in front of their head and not to the side. When in the headstand position, your hands and head should form a triangle.

C1- Free standing HSPU

C2- HSPU against wall

C3- HSPU against wall w/ ab-mats

C4- HSPU with box

Handstand Push-ups (3)

8 x EMOM