Thursday’s WOD

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The beginner can do this workout as written. More important than the amount of weight lifted will be drilling, creating good lifting habits and technique. Complete a warm-up that increases the heart rate, takes the joints through a full range of motion and prepares for loading. That includes at least 5 warm-up sets of the shoulder press before getting to the first set of one. Once the bar feels heavy in the warm-up sets use that as the first set of one. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets and increase the weight only if mechanics are sound. Use the last weight lifted in each movement as the first set for the next movement. Between movements grab a pvc or empty barbell and perform 5-10 of the next movement before using the weighted bar. A deviation in mechanics is a cue that a limit is reached. Go to, Exercise and Demos and review the instructional videos on all 3 movements prior to beginning the lifts. Log the heaviest of each movement lifted.

Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Jerk