What is CrossFit?

CrossFit programming forces continued change and improvement through constantly varied work on all 3 primary energy pathways otherwise known as anaerobic and aerobic training. We program our workouts using a mix of intensity, weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic training(cardio) in a way that forces us to simultaneously use multiple muscle groups and ranges of motion. When combined properly the overall adaptation in your body composition, performance, energy levels and overall health is very real!


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Kids Fitness Program

What are the ages?

Ages 4 to 13. Older 14 to 18 years may get a written consent from a legal guardian to participate in our regular CrossFit classes.

CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is entirely and absolutely CrossFit geared toward kids and their specific developmental needs.

CrossFit Kids is the principal strength and conditioning program for many young athletes and the primary P.E. program for many home schools, charter schools. It is used by athletic teams, martial arts schools and many parents that want their kids to grow up healthy, strong and have a life long love of working out thus avoiding the common problems associated with childhood inactivity and obesity. Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Healthy living requires that our kids push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift, jump, effectively and safely regardless of whether or not they play athletics. Athletics is a specialized pursuit. Our goal is to support the specialist, but reward the generalist.


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If you want to blast away fat, build muscle, create new healthy habits and make some friends along the way, then eat right! 70% of reaching your fitness goals is diet. Just another one of our Services we are proud to provide.

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Private Training

As much as we love CrossFit group training we know there are situations that may require a bit more personal attention. Maybe you: Don’t like groups, feel like you need a little pre-CrossFit training, want to do a private AMP UP Course, want to work with a nutritionist, want sport specific training, want to set up Corporate wellness program or Team Building for a group. Set up a private training session with one of our coaches. Get that one on one attention that you deserve to reach your personal goals.


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