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Free Trial – Let’s Talk! I Need More Info….

Interested in a Free Trial at CrossFit Uncensored? Or you want to just get more information on memberships/ pricing/ nutrition. You’re in the right place. First, you need to set up a appointment with Coach Heather to go over what you are looking for so we may place you in the right class.

We will have you use our state of the art In-Body machine to provides diverse analysis useful for medical and fitness purposes (we will go over the results below). 

    • Visceral Fat Level (VFL): which indicates intestinal obesity causing many lifestyle diseases.
    • Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM): Skeletal Muscle Mass are the muscles that are connected to your bones and allow you to move. These are all the muscles that can be grown and developed through exercise (your pectorals, biceps, quadriceps, and so on).
    • Body Fat Mass (BFM): Your body fat percentage is a value that tells you how much of your body weight is made up of fat.  In terms of your overall health, your body fat percentage can be one of the most useful numbers available to you, more than how much you weigh and even more than your Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • You will be given a tour of the gym aka “box”.
  • Go over all the questions you may have.
  • Go over all the membership options we have.
  • Talk about your nutrition.
  • Talk about your goals.
  • Schedule a trial class (if you choose).

At the end of your 10 minute meeting, you will use our kiosk to schedule your free trial to get a better taste of the CrossFit Experience. It’s important we meet with you so we have a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish before we place you in a class. We are so looking forward to meeting with you.

*please note he only does face to face appointments. If you are moving to the area. Please schedule an appointment when you’re in town to come see our box.

Classes are for all ability levels but in order to know what your goals are, we will need to speak with you first to place you correctly.  Everything will be scaled or coaches will put progression in place depending on your athletic ability and or medical conditions or injuries. We are a very welcoming and friendly gym.

Email: Heather@CrossFitUncensored.com

Text: (951) 382-5959