Coach – Scott


Scott Labeda;  Lead Trainer, Competitive Athlete , and Owner of CrossFit Uncensored.

Scott XFIT


Scott has an extensive background in competing at the regional, national and international level in a variety of competitive sports. These sports have included wrestling, speed skating and hockey. These are three very diverse domains of athletics and require many different skills in order to be competitive.

Scott has had the luxury to be able to train with and be trained by some of the most elite athletes and coaches within each of these sports. Some of his accomplishments have included holding world record times in skating and even being invited to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. By competing at this level at an early age, one understands the discipline and dedication needed in order to achieve success within any endeavor.

In 2010, Scott came across CrossFit through a friend. The “sport of fitness” (as it is sometimes called) appealed to his desire to compete and excel within a structure. In essence CrossFit scratched that competitive itch. He immediately saw the results that he sought after and CrossFit has become his passion. He has continued to hone his craft and has trained with some of CrossFit’s most elite athletes and coaches. In 2011, he earned his Level 1 CrossFit Certification and decided he wanted to share his love for CrossFit with his family and friends. In December 2011, he opened CrossFit Uncensored.