Progression Pictures

Progression pictures of our CrossFit Uncensored Family.

Taylor Roberts

1 Year Progression Picture

(pink: one year ago, black/white: now) I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. It’s been one crazy, amazing, tough CrossFit journey lol. In one month I’ll be competing in my first crossfit competition When I first joined crossfit I never thought id be able to compete in one of those things. But here I am feeling more excited and ready than ever.


Rayna Horton

3 Week Progression Picture

Rayna PP Rayna PP1




Jessica Livingston

10 Month Progression Picture

Jes PP1Jes PP



Dustin Lucas

1 Year Progression Profile Picture

Dustin PP

Dustin PP2

Kristy Underdown

1 Year Progression Picture





Heather Labeda

8 Months after 1st baby Progression Picture

Heathers combined BNA Pics