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Barbell & Run Club

Barbell Club

  • Objective: Stance , grip, form, and execution.
  • Class Size: 16
  • Difficulty: For All Fitness Levels

Barbell Club is recommended for: Beginning Weightlifters. Competitive CrossFit athletes looking for an edge in the fast lifts. The programming includes both power-lifting, Olympic lifting and other movements. As with everything at CrossFit Uncensored the focus is on proper form and execution of all movements and lifts.This class will consist of a variation of strength training and weightlifting in a relaxed, less structured hour where even the Coach will join in with you!


The CrossFit Uncensored Barbell Class teaches participants:
•    The proper stance, grip and positions for the snatch, clean and jerk and other movements.
•    The proper warm-up, progressions, skill-transfer exercises and the rationale for each component.
•    Common faults and corrections for each lift, with opportunities to be coached in the lifts.

Class size is limited, so that we can give more attention to each member so please sign up in advance to reserve your spot in your Wodify app. Barbell Club is included in the Unlimited Membership only. Talk to your trainer for more details.

Run Club

  • Objective: Increase Aerobic Capacity
  • Class Size: 40
  • Difficulty: For All Fitness Levels
Take place at the Lake Elsinore Levee most Sundays (click here for directions). Check the Facebook CrossFit Uncensored Community Page Group for updates on change of time/ location or cancellations (click here).
*Facebook is a private group for current athletes. Must request to join. 
Class size is larger, but sometimes taken inside due to weather. So please sign up in advance to reserve your spot in your Wodify app. Run Club is available to all CrossFit Uncensored members and will count as one of your “days per week” for those with three and four-times-per-week memberships. Talk to your trainer for more details.