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Food Delivery – Territory

Learning to Order

Setting up an account is easy and of course, free. There are no membership fees, contracts or delivery fees (when delivered to your location). Whether you want the minimum of 3 meals for the week or up to 15, we’ve got you covered. Every week our menu changes and our network of chefs bring their A game to the table crafting new dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’d like to have a recurring order with us, there is a weekly 5% discount. Going out of town? No problem, just pause your service at no cost for however long you need.

“Modding Your Menu” Tool

One of the perks of our system is being able to customize a meal plan for you. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner is just a start. We have Paleo options and Mixitarian, our line that offers meals with quinoa and rice. Need help with just lunch but want to try out a breakfast item? No worries! The ‘Mod Your Menu’ tool will allow you the pick of the full line of our menu offering post order completion. Allergic to certain foods, you can flag your account to exclude meals containing that food. Click on the link you will be re-directed to CrossFit Uncensored’s online portal to order Territory.


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