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What am I Paying For?

CrossFit boxes are very different from other gyms you may have been to. In a regular gym you simply do your own program. You get no feedback or coaching from experts.  CrossFit, however, is based on extremely effective training provided by a CrossFit trainer. Training at a CrossFit gym is a blend of personal training and group exercise classes. At CrossFit Uncensored a trainer conducts each class. The trainer helps you determine the right workout of the day (WOD) for you based on ability level, injuries, and any other relevant factors. Each class performs the WOD together while the trainer gives individual attention to each athlete. The trainer will lead the warm-up, refresh everyone on proper movements and standards, coach each athlete for proper range of motion and safety, and encourage each athlete during the WOD. You’re not paying for a simple gym membership. You’re paying for a personal trainer, nutrition counselor, and motivator that actually gets you results!

Want to find out first hand what CrossFit is all about? CrossFit Uncensored will offer a 1 DAYS FREE TRIAL to all newcomers.

Payment Accepted

Master Card, Visa & E-checks. Please make sure to bring your account information or a voided check with you to sign-up.


If you have completed Fast Track, Foundations, or a similar course at another affiliate, or are CrossFit level 1 certified, then you can drop-in on any of our scheduled WODs for $15 or a t-shirt from your affiliate. Just like our regularly scheduled WODs, this is only for athletes with a base of CrossFit experience. Please schedule your drop-in here.