Tuesday’s WOD March 24th

Warm-up (all classes): 0.4 Bike CrossFit: Strength: Back Squats 5 X 5 begin at 70% of 1RM increase load each minute   Conditioning: 3 Rounds of: 1:00 Box Jumps 24/20# 2:00 Double-Unders (all out effort) Rest 2 Minutes 3 Rounds For Time of: Row 800 M 30 6” Target Burpees   * Trainers break class Read More …

Tuesday’s WOD

Tuesday’s WOD March 16th Warm-up (all classes): 2 Rounds 100 M Run 0.2 Mile Bike 300 M Row 5 Broad Jumps   CrossFit: Strength: Weighted Sled Push: 3X Low Handles 3X High Handles *rest between reps   Conditioning: 5 Rounds For Time of: 600 M Run 20 Mountain Climbers (R + L = 1 Rep) Read More …

Monday’s WOD

Monday’s WOD March 16th Warm-up (all classes): Med Ball FUN! /Find a partner… 20 Wall Balls Passes (do a squat with the wall ball than passes to your partner on the way up) 20 Wall sit russian twists (or sitting on ground for beginners) 400 M Med Ball Run (pass to partner every 50 M) Read More …

Friday’s WOD

Friday’s WOD March 13th Warm-up (all classes): Row 500m Foam roll back and legs 2 minutes   BootCamp: Conditioning: 20 Minutes of: 10 Burpees 10 Pistols 2 Wall Climbs 10 Double Unders   CrossFit: Strength: Conditioning: Games Open WOD TBA (Keep Programming Empty)

Thursday’s WOD

Thursday’s WOD March 12th Warm-up (all classes): 400 M Run   CrossFit: Skill: Burgner   Conditioning: Two minutes of each / Total Reps: Row Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (alternating) 30/20/10# Medicine Ball Cleans 20/14/10# Double-unders Push-ups -then- 1 Mile Run *Trainers start some athletes at different times on Rowers if your class is too large.